Creating A Warm And Inviting Fall Wedding In New Jersey

Fall Wedding Venue - New JerseyThe warmth of the fall season is the perfect time of year to say “I Do”. When we refer to “warmth”, we’re not speaking in terms of temperature, but rather the ambience provided by the fall’s warm, cozy colors and scenery.


The fall offers a naturally beautiful backdrop for couples who are planning a wedding.  As the leaves begin to change color, and the crisp cool air blows in, we relish in how the fall brings with it a mystical time of year.


There’s so much you can do with a fall wedding. There are so many new colors emerging into popular fall territory, including navy blue and gold. Other beautiful fall color combinations that reflect warmth and romance are:


1. Orange, light green and brown: these colors fit perfectly into fall’s scenery. A golden brown is a great option for dress color with orange roses and greenery for bouquets.


2. Cranberry red and blush pink: the cranberry red is an ideal color for dresses because it compliments any skin tone while the pink offers a sweet accent for flowers of pink roses, peonies and stargazer lilies.


3. Light blue and white: these colors mix nicely with the colors of fallen leaves. Navy dresses with light blue sashes and bouquets of white roses, blue hydrangeas and faux fall leaves shine bright.


The fall is a perfect time of year for an outdoor wedding. Gazebos draped with leaves, branches, vines and wild berries create a Wedding Venues in New Jerseystunning venue for your vows. With using what surrounds you, you’ll be surprised at what can be created.


Due to the fall’s inviting ambience, you can get really creative with table decor as well. To create the ideal fall table arrangement, try using:


  • Tall hurricane vases filled with fall leaves, wild berries and sticks


  • Hollowed pumpkins filled with fall flowers


  • Antique lanterns surrounded by small colored votive candles


  • Floating candles atop a wreath of leaves, apples and pumpkins


Let’s not forget about the token of appreciation for your guest’s participation. Here are some unique favor ideas:


  • Antique mason jars filled with layered spiced pumpkin cake


  • Caramel candy apples packaged in elegant bags with a leaf shaped “Thank You” note


  • Leaf shaped votive candles


  • Small leaf and pumpkin cookie cutters in potato-sack small bags


  • “Love is Sweet” bottles filled with delicious apple cider


If you’re looking for the ideal wedding venue to host your wedding celebration, don’t forget to visit Victor’s Chateau. We are delighted to help create your vision of the perfect wedding. Please subscribe to out blog for more helpful wedding tips, and check back often for more posts.

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